What is Prasad?

"As we cook, we allow ourselves to stay in that state of sweetness and giving. We don't argue in the kitchen, or think negative thoughts about the food or ourselves. We say mantra while we cook, and bring our full attention to each action in the kitchen. We allow our kitchen to become a sacred space, a place we can go to relax and connect to the flow of shakti, or spiritual energy, that nourishes everyone.

We also offer a little bit of the food we cook at our altar. When we offer the food before eating it, then our entire meal becomes prasad, a blessed offering."

Excerpt from the Kitchen Goddess - Cook book from Shoshoni Yoga Retreat

We encourage you to eat Prasad.

**Proud winner of the 2013 Boulder Hummus Throw down
Winning Entry: Authentic Middle Eastern Hummus with Sumac and Pomegranate Seeds**

Our mission at Prasad is to make beautiful food for you and your loved ones. We begin with organic  local produce picked at peak perfection. We then add our love of fine cuisine and international inspiration. Last comes intention and love.  

We are committed to thrivability (sustainability is so 1992) and supporting our local food system. 

We love working with local farmers to showcase their beautiful organic produce.




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